Abhi Institute of hotel management


For any educational institute, state-of-the-art Infrastructure facilities are a must. These facilities ensure that the learning of the students does not hamper in any way. Be it Wi-Fi facilities, Mess facilities, Lecture Theatres, Residential Facilities, etc. All these facilities contribute to the overall success of a student and bestow him/her all the resources that are indispensable for a successful career.

Counted under top hotel management colleges in Delhi, Abhi Institute of Hotel Management is equipped with premium quality infrastructure facilities. They are Training Kitchen, Training Restaurant, House Keeping Lab, Classrooms, Front Office and Computer Lab. With these facilities, a student enrolled with Abhi Institute not only learns but also able to practice the learnings simultaneously.

Training Kitchen

Bestowed with top notch training facilities, Abhi Institute of Hotel Management enhances the learnings of the students by offering them platforms

Training Restaurant

Irrespective of how a student performs in the classroom sessions, a practical restaurant training is indispensable to bloom and nurture the latent managerial skills in him/her.

House Keeping Lab

In the hospitality industry, delighting a customer with delectable food and premium service are not the only ways to escalate the brand name. The renowned hotel brands also offer a mesmerizing residential

Classroom Sections

The classrooms of Abhi Institute contributes equally in branding it as one of the top hotel management colleges in Delhi.

Front Office Lab

It is said, “The First Impression is the last Impression”. Abhi Institute fathoms this saying very well and hence, has to offer

Computer Lab

The Abhi Institute of Hotel Management is equipped with a well flourished Computer Lab, which is a home to a plethora
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