For any educational institute, state-of-the-art Infrastructure facilities are a must. These facilities ensure that the learning of the students does not hamper in any way. Be it Wi-Fi facilities, Mess facilities, Lecture Theatres, Residential Facilities, etc. All these facilities contribute to the overall success of a student and bestow him/her all the resources that are indispensable for a successful career.

Counted under top hotel management colleges in Delhi, Abhi Institute of Hotel Management is equipped with premium quality infrastructure facilities. They are Training Kitchen, Training Restaurant, House Keeping Lab, Classrooms, Front Office and Computer Lab. With these facilities, a student enrolled with Abhi Institute not only learns but also able to practice the learnings simultaneously.

Training Kitchen

Bestowed with top notch training facilities, Abhi Institute of Hotel Management enhances the learnings of the students by offering them platforms where they could put their classroom teachings into practical use.

One such platform is the training kitchen of Abhi Institute. Equipped with all the amenities that a real kitchen of a restaurant possesses, the training kitchen of this top hotel management college in Delhi offers a simulation environment to the students.

The training kitchen not only provides a demo of real life restaurant kitchen but also hones the cooking abilities and pressure handling capability of every student enrolled in the programme. 

Training Restaurant

Irrespective of how a student performs in the classroom sessions, a practical restaurant training is indispensable to bloom and nurture the latent managerial skills in him/her.

Abhi Institute comprehends this fact very well. It, therefore, offers its batch of Hotel Management students a training restaurant wherein they are trained on various parameters. Some of these key parameters arewelcoming the customer, treating the customer with best of services, handling the complaints of the customer (if any), bidding farewell to the customer, etc.

Today, a every service industry aims to delight its customers. The “Training Restaurant” of Abhi Institute, with its practical approach, teaches the students to keep the customers happy and delighted.

House Keeping Lab

In the hospitality industry, delighting a customer with delectable food and premium service are not the only ways to escalate the brand name. The renowned hotel brands also offer a mesmerizing residential experience to its customers, thus enveloping them with a soothing hotel staying experience.

Proper training that includes making the bed in a professional way, preparing and following cleaning schedule, act on customer requirements, achieving positive results, etc. is given to the students of Abhi Institute, who are enrolled to grab the know-how to become an excellent housekeeper.

The training is offered in the state-of-the-art House KeepingLab of Abhi Institute, which replicates a room of a Hotel and is equipped with all the amenities required to provide the best housekeeping training.

Classroom Sections

The classrooms of Abhi Institute contributes equally in branding it as one of the top hotel management colleges in Delhi.  The classroom has such an aura that encourages a learning environment among the students and even the professors rejoice teaching new concepts.

The fully Air-Conditioned classrooms of the institute ensure that the focus of the students remains on the learning and not on the weather outside. The Wi-Fi facility installed in the classrooms keeps the students well connected with the rest of the world.

Also, the audio visual facilities in each classroom offer a 360-degree learning experience to the batch.

Front Office Lab

It is said, “The First Impression is the last Impression”. Abhi Institute fathoms this saying very well and hence, has to offer to its student enrolled in the hotel management course, a quality Front Office training that elevates their confidence.

The front office training modulesare designed in such a way that it offers an opportunity to every student to get a glimpse of the real world.

The front office lab enables a student to try his/her hand in welcoming a guest, learning greeting gesture and posture, asking for personal information and undertaking all such activities that could create a long lasting impression of the hotel brand on the mind of the guest.

Computer Lab

The Abhi Institute of Hotel Management is equipped with a well flourished Computer Lab, which is a home to a plethora of upgraded computer systems. The high-speed internet service is no less than icing on the cake for the lab.

The students of this top hotel management college in Delhi not only are allowed to use the lab for entertainment purpose but they are also authorised to conduct research, complete assignments, design and execute their projects, etc. The computer lab is huge enough to accommodate lots of students at once.

With every student allotted a secure user ID and password, their data remains secured and shielded from any malicious threat.