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hotel management institutes in delhi- Internship Abroad with ABHI Institute of Hotel Management

Fulfill your dream of landing abroad with ABHI Institute of Hotel Management

ABHI Institute of Hotel Management has successfully established itself as one of the top hotel management colleges in Delhi NCR. Our sole aim is to impart the value and knowledge of hotel management to our students and we strive to secure a good placement for them in the luxurious domain of hotel sector. We know that every young heart perhaps dream of landing abroad once in their life and we dedicate ourselves to transform their dream into reality. We have been enhancing and accelerating professional development in the hotel industry by providing our students an opportunity to experience their internship programs abroad, that too, in the topmost hotel based foreign countries. It is a valuable opportunity for Hotel and Catering educated students, who desire to develop a work experience abroad in order to improve their skills in the various departments in star hotels. At the same time, we are also aware of your concerns about placement before seeking admission in any institute of hotel management. So our institute, with its hard work and experience, has been capable to associate with the topmost hotel industries where we provide placements to our students. Working under these prestigious hotels or restaurants makes our students more nurtured and confident for the further challenging hotel world awaiting. So once you have completed the course, you will be enrolled as a part of our international placement process according to your academic results. ABHI Institute of Hotel Management dreams to see its students exploring not only India, but the entire globe with their hotel and catering abilities and for that, we provide them all the valuable facilities. We Send students for internships in New Zealand , Malaysia, United States , China , Maldives, Dubai etc.

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