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Hotel Management College in delhi -Job Satisfaction of The Employees: An Integral Part of The Hotel Industry

Job Satisfaction of The Employees: An Integral Part of The Hotel Industry
Employees play a key role in the success of the entire business world. In the hotel industry to be specific, the study of job satisfaction is the core of interest whereas dedication, effort and commitment of the employees are very essential factors to ensure customer satisfaction. This article aims to investigate the level of job satisfaction in the hotel sector among the employees mainly in the province of Delhi based hotel industries. As we all know, the current century is all about probing various sectors and trying hands on innovative fields to yield profit. Because of the passion of studying hotel and hospital management among the present generation, there have been an eye catching growth of hotel industries in the renowned populated cities, both national and international. Now the question that still bars many young heads is, “Is there really any job satisfaction after pursuing a job in the hotel sector?”

It is an obvious thing that job satisfaction is the direct outcome of the mental satisfaction of the employees while working for your sector and that is extremely crucial for the financial performance and prosperity of hotels. Thus job satisfaction leads to customer welfare as well, which is the sole aim of yours as a businessman. So your topmost focus must lie on improving the factors affecting the satisfaction of your employees. Greater economy and independence, friendly ambiance, flexible schedules, better working conditions and improvised training automatically leads to greater recruitment and satisfaction of employees, seeking a job at the hotel sector. The factors like reduced benefits and low wages promote dissatisfaction of the employees and gradually, they would lack interest in serving you, thus bringing loss to your business. Studies have also revealed that positive job satisfaction has a direct impact on the financial performance of the hotel.
So, a hotel sector is utmost fruitful if the basic factors are benefited to the employees, thus gifting them the major weapon of their hard work, that is their job satisfaction.

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