Abhi Institute of hotel management

State-of-Art Infrastructure at Abhi Institute Of Hotel Management.

State-of-Art Infrastructure at Abhi Institute Of Hotel Management.

As an industry, education has evolved beautifully and much effectively through the yesteryears. Through innovative and inventive approaches, multiple career options have sprung up from those fields which were perceived to be non-fruitful earlier. Hotel & Hospitality Management is one of the best examples to be seen.. Those educational institutes found to be best fulfilling the set criteria and standards were awarded permissions to begin imparting education in the Hotels & Hospitality sector.

Abhi Institute of Hotel Management (A.I.H.M) is one of the top-notch institutes in Delhi, which garners and harnesses the best talent and carves them into brilliant hoteliers. The campus boasts of a sound and well placed state-of-art facilities and infrastructure that provides the best ambience and environment of studies to its students. The institute ensures that the best-in-class infrastructure and facilities & resources are bestowed on its students so as to inspire them continuously to become competent and successful. Let us have a look at the infrastructure facilities provided at A.I.H.M.

Classroom Sections – The learning cubes!

The Abhi institute of hotel mangement classrooms are the ‘nursery’ where the gardener (faculty) sow the seeds of wisdom today and that become trees of knowledge tomorrow.

The overall look & feel, ambience and aura of the classrooms in Abhi institute of hotel mangement. disseminate a lot of positive vibes amongst both students and the faculty. This helps them connect easily and better. The flow of information and learning is much smoother and hence more effective. The classrooms are centrally air conditioned, Wi-FI enabled and under the surveillance e-teaching modules provide the students a gamut of healthy learning opportunities. The world class furniture enables best and most comfortable experience for the students.


Training & Demonstration ‘Kitchen’Laboratory

The Kitchen in the Abhi institute of hotel mangement. holds many promises unto itself. Well equipped with all and necessary modern amenities and culinary equipment that allow the students to get personalized & singled attention and practical learning. The kitchen is designed to best demonstrate real life scenarios that help students facing and handling ‘Pressure Cooker’ situations, besides honing their cooking style and abilities. Like a real kitchen of a restaurant or a hotel, it is equipped with First-Aid and other safety equipment, fire-fighting equipment besides BRANDED cooking range, culinary & cutlery items, audio-video apparatus, recording and CCTV cameras and personal work station for every student.


Training & Demonstration ‘Restaurant’ Laboratory

Abhi institute of hotel mangement best understands the fact that theoretical knowledge is best retained by the virtue of immense practical training. Hence every student is trained for real-life situations occurring in a restaurant and/or hotel lobby. They are trained on the servicing aspects of ‘Welcoming’, ‘Waiting Seating’, ‘Complaint Handling & Resolution’, ‘Bidding Farewell’ and other allied mannerisms in a modular restaurant with numerous role-playing. This enables the students to grasp the real meaning of ‘Customer Delight’ and ‘Customer Satisfaction’.


Training & Demonstrating ‘BAR’ Laboratory

A wise man once said – “The Wine spells wisdom, the Beer signifies the freedom and the water is acutely scarce!”

Wines and other liquor are enjoyed all across the globe and hence the same are widely served in the all most all small, medium and big hotels these days. Exceptionally and well trained bar-tenders are in huge demand today, in most high-profile private bars and hotel bars. The students are made aware of the finesse that is required for preparing and serving the liquor to the customers and patrons. A W.S.E.T. (Wines & Spirits Education Trust, U.K.) training faculty has been especially on-boarded by Abhi institute of hotel management. to make students well versed with wine serving etiquette and mannerisms.


Training &Demonstrating ‘Housekeeping’Laboratory

Similar to the demonstration kitchen and restaurant, Abhi institute of hotel management facilitates its student with real-life house-keeping training lab, where the students learn the intricacies attached with mesmerising residential experiences of the customers. This phenomenon holds as much equal importance as fine dining experiences for the big brand hotels across the globe. A well planned and clinically executed bed and linen changing schedule, following room hygiene ethics and answering customer requirements with utmost sensitivity are the areas which are both rigorously and vigorously taught to the students. Students are imparted a hands-on experience on handling the house-keeping tools very effectively.


Training & Demonstrating‘Front Office’ Laboratory

As a best believer of wise words –“The first impression is the last and lasting one”, A.I.H.M. has set up a real-life demonstration model of how a branded hotel’s front office looks like. The students are trained on the aspects of welcoming and greeting the customers upon their visit, giving instructions to the bell boy, asking for any specific requirements of the customers and wishing them an enjoyable stay through numerous role-play situations. The focus lies on extending the best and unforgettable experience for the customers and hence create an everlasting happy impression on them.


The Computer Laboratory

Besides providing the students with facilities of high-speed internet for project designing and execution, subject matter researches and assignments completion, the ‘Fully loaded’ computer lab at Abhi institute of hotel management. also provides its students a hands-on training on Inventory Management, Accounts Management and Administration Management modules. Every student is allotted with a unique User ID & PWD to prevent any compromise with the safety parameters of the in-house data.



Student Lockers

All Abhi institute of hotel management. students are allocated lockers on twin-sharing basis to keep their uniform and other items they are less likely to carry every day.  The lockers are strategically placed in the nearest vicinity of all laboratories and classrooms so as to save on students’ time and hassles.

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