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New Horizons unfurled in Hotel & Hospitality Management

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New Horizons unfurled in Hotel & Hospitality Managementabhi iinstitute degree


This is what that TIME was!

While penning these words, I got reminded of my friend in school.Both of us were aspiring for a gleaming career in engineering, though unwillingly. More of a reason that we became fast friends was that we had a common passion for a career in the field of Hotel & Hospitality Management. Both parents of his and mine were ignorant of our penchant for career options after intermediate schooling (10+2). One day, my friend decided to convey to his parents of what he wanted to do in life. He was denied to look into any other option upfront. Yet, he was adamant on not giving up. He filled up the entrance exam form of a reputed hotel management institute in Delhi without seeking the consent of his parents. He appeared for the entrance exam and with no surprises, he secured a merit rank in the said exam. The rounds of group discussion and final interview were passed with equal ease. By this time the results of the intermediate examinations were awaited. As for his meritorious rank, the institute offered him a scholarship of 50% amount of the total tuition fee of three years. This was a huge achievement for him until he broke the news to his parents. His father remarked – “So, you will be serving me the drinks when I visit your hotel’s bar with my friends. Of course, a hefty tip will also make your day, eh?” He refused to listen to any of his logics and asked him to concentrate on his engineering entrance exam studies. This was some 25 years back when parents never dreamt of their children’s careers beyond medicine and engineering.

The Times have CHANGED!

If my friend would have been allowed to pursue the career of his choice, he would have been serving at the level of nothing less than a General Manager today. Things are much different today. Both the students and parents are much aware of the plethora of professional opportunities available in the field of Hotel & Hospitality Management. More so, with the introduction of liberalised economy in our Country in the early and mid 1990s, many additional and allied career options sprung up.

Choose Your path to SUCCESS!

Studying Hotel & Hospitality Management today can unfurl many new horizons of a blooming and promising career for you. As a science student of both medical and non-medical streams you can pursue studies in the verticals of Catering Technology, Food & Beverages Technology, Nutrition& Health Technology and so on. You can also opt for B.Sc. in Home Sciences with a specialization in either cooking or kitchen management. A specialist in Health Sciences can bring out a brilliant ‘Dietician’ in you. The big and branded hotels can find an able administrator in you or you can be an awesome ‘Guest Relations’ professional or may be a fabulous accounts person.  As a chef, you may not only rule the kitchens on earth (as in hotels and restaurants) but become a ‘Kitchen’s Boss’ on cruise tours. Your love for gulping foods and beverages can land you in a job of a ‘Taster’ of various foods, mixes and even spirits and wines besides other beverages. Your career can well spread its wings beyond the hotel industry. You can be a much sought after candidate for airlines industry and Indian railways. Health & Wellness companies may come asking for you and you are right if you have said that even the big named and famed hospitals also look for Hotel & Hospitality Management graduates. A hospitality graduate’s cool and calm composure makes him/her befitting the schemes of many Event Management companies as well.


A Platform to EXCEL!

Now that you are well aware of how you are going to shape your career, the next big question is that who can shape your career in a most brilliant way? Abhi Institute of Hotel Management is the trusted destination for pursuing your dream academic and professional careers in the field of Hotel & Hospitality Management. The campus, infrastructure and the course curriculum are well aligned with the most recent developments in the said industry and fulfil all standards criterion that has awarded them NAAC approval.

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