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A Match of Glory

A Match of Glory


 Abhi Institute of Hotel Management

The Titans!

Abhi Institute of Hotel Management (A.I.H.M.), Delhi is a renowned name in the field of Hotel & Hospitality Management education. As one of the top-notch institutions in Delhi – NCR, A.I.H.M. boasts of getting its students placed in some of the elite and ‘Brand name’ Hotels, Restaurants and other allied functional groups in Delhi-NCR. As for the quality education provided to its students, A.I.H.M. enjoys a high and good reputations amongst the hospitality sector employers. At A.I.H.M., a stress on all round personality development of all its pupils is always emphasized upon. Hence, both the faculty and students revel in all the extra-curricular activities held at the institute. Be it excursion or outdoor recreation activities or be it sports and other recreational activities or theatrical activities, A.I.H.M. and its students make active participations in all such activities. It enables all to develop their managerial effectiveness and helps in overall self- development, in daily routine.

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Delhi is one of the premier hotelsin Delhi, most renowned for its exemplary hospitality services rendered to their clients..is also a strategic business partner of A.I.H.M., where the students’ capabilities are further fine-polished during the internships. Like A.I.H.M. the H.C.P. Management also believes in the theory of – “HERE THE Best gather and grow together!”

The Big ‘Face-off’!

Both A.I.H.M. and Hotel Crowne Plaza Management have decided to lock horns! Yes, you read it right. The nearest future will soon witness a WAR of the TITANS. Both managements will soon ‘face-off’ in a friendly football match in Delhi. The venue and the exact date is yet to be decided, however the excitement in both camps resembles the Spanish Serie A Liga match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Both teams are known to have taken this ‘combat’ on a very serious note and have started to practice as well. Players with required attacking & defence skills have been identified and self-styled coaches have well begun to hone their players’ skills.

There’s something for everyone!

Those not on the ground can shout aloud and cheer lead their respective teams in the spectators’ arena and flutter their team flags. Team A.I.H.M. have already challenged their opponents by declaring – “If this is a WAR, let the WAR begin, which WE will WIN!” One can surely witness some raw talent springing up here. One may witness a ‘Desi’ Beckham bending the football right into the net of his opponent team! A bullet-like shot from outside the ‘D’ piercing the defence by the ‘Desi’ jersey no. 7 clad player may remind of none other than Christiano Ronaldo!! No matter whatever the outcome of this ‘Friendly’ match be, the SPIRIT of “Best gather and grow together!” will prevail and win!

Come and join this extravaganza combo of fun & frolic with some serious football! Cheer for your team and gain some ‘Brownie’ loyalty points……. Let’s get set & go!

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