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The communication skills development program at Abhi Institute of hotel Management

The communication skills development program at A.I.H.M.


Add more finesse to the ways you communicate!

A.I.H.M. best understands the importance of an effective communication that leaves a lasting impression on an individual or an audience. Besides fine tuning the inter-personal skills of its Hotel Management students, the A.I.H.M. lays a special emphasis on the overall development and polishing of the communication skills of its students.

Advantages & Benefits….

The state-of-art and fully equipped soft skills training centre of the institute covers the minutest possible aspects of communications skills development of the students. A unique mix of theoretical and audio-visual modes of tutoring is what makes this program more viable and hence effective. All students are taught through real-life like role playing scenarios by some exceptional quality trainers as per the industry standards. The following are the major advantages that the A.I.H.M. students stand to gain from this course:

  • Exceptional turn-around in the overall “personality” of the students
  • An astonishing change in the total “outlook” of the students
  • An ‘eye-opener’ in terms of overall “approach” of the students
  • A ‘mind-blowing’ expertise development in the “style” of verbal communication of the students
  • Building-on and enhancement in the “confidence”level of the students
  • Builds a lot of scope for “self-improvement” in allied areas of overall personality development
  • The art of spoken language is somewhat “mastered”!


The FOCUS is on…….

Hence, through such career-oriented and subject matter focussed soft skills training, every individual student gets ample opportunity to give new shape and colour to his/her career horizons. Such trainings are the integral part of the all Hotel Management programs offered by A.I.H.M.

For resolving all your career related queries, kindly visit the A.I.H.M. campus and get personalized attention from our student councillors. 

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